Connecting like minded people together with music from around the world...  that's out of this world.
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RockNeuro is designed to become YOUR radio station!   Truly a meeting place for like minded people to connect and strengthen each others visions and dreams, and work together, as one, on common callings; both on air, and on-line.

We believe that if we yield to Holy Spirit and allow Jesus Christ to be our head, truly, not just religious jargon...we, together, can influence the course of Americas people (with Love), in these very difficult times we are in.
Love conquers ALL, right?​
​We truly desire and invite The Holy Spirit to direct this vision and RockNeuro as a tool.    Can you join us?​

Please consider supporting us, or joining us in some way, if you catch the vision of offering a totally different type of "Christian" music station and allows God's children to speak openly on the air.  This radio station is being built to give to the people to use to communicate with listeners, and for people of like mind to communicate with each other.

We are just starting up, so please pray for us.

​Thanks for listening to RockNeuro.

Thank you for stopping by!

Hope you enjoy our music from around the world.

RockNeuro keeps the spiritual music mix melodic and rhythmic enough for the pop culture,
yet eclectic enough, musically and lyrically, to appeal to the deep music lover too.

We don't put God in a box...
we don't put the music in a box.

Oil on Canvas By Ron Grauer